Crave [J.R. Ward]

Crave - J.R. Ward

I really wasn't expecting to finish this book today, but I managed be/c it was at the point were I just couldn't stop reading it.

Isaac never really learns what the hell the deal is with Jim. He's given a few crazy hints Grier saw him with his wings out, the fact that he's not really dead - even though the newspapers say he died 4 days before. Isaac and Jim didn't really spend that much time together, while Vic (in the last book) and Jim ended up becoming friends. I guess the difference was that Devina wasn't really involved in Isaac's life. Which is understandable since Jim was suppose to be saving their ex-boss, Matthias and not Isaac. He almost realizes this too late, but fails even when he realized.

The romance in this one was less developed than it was in the first book of the series. They had sex almost as soon as the meet (not quite literally, but it seemed like it) and the l-bomb was dropped only after a few days of knowing each other.

One thing that kind of surprised me is that Jim gets tortured in this one. The torture isn't that graphic (note: I might just be blocking it out, though) but the after affects are. She gets very annoyed that she can't break him with her normal methods (physical pain, sexual abuse) and resorts to psychologically harming him. Remember the blonde virgin from the first book that she killed? The poor girl is in Devina's world now. Seeing her pisses Jim off, and he promises to help save her. Hope you can keep that promise, Jim.

Jim had a really optimistic moment and assumed that that they won and Devina lost. Wrong, so it's one for one.