Kitty Steals the Show [Carrie Vaughn]

Kitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville #10) - Carrie Vaughn

What is the deal with so many of the series I'm reading having wars in them? I just finished 13 by Kelley Armstrong and that was about a war in the supernatural world. The Antia Blake series also has a war (that's over now, I think). It's not really that many, but it seems like it.

This book seemed kind of slow at first, but I was drawn in from the beginning. I wasn't really surprised that Kitty told the world, via her speech, that war was coming. It's something she would do. I can't blame her for not apologizing for it, either. It needed to be said. People will learn that it isn't just a conspiracy theory, but it will happen. When it does, the people that listened to it will be ready for it. It's not her fault that some people didn't want to believe her!