Fool Moon [Jim Butcher]

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

All reviews for books 1-6 found here: The Dresden Files Collection 1-6.

Fool Moon - 4 stars This one was non-stop action. I felt kind of lost at some points, since so much was going on at once. These books are all mysteries, since Dresden works with the cops. Most of the time, I can guess who did it, but I don't even try with these books! I know I'd guess wrong, so what's the point? They kind of remind me of the early Anita Blake books, since he works with the cops like Anita does. The magic in this world reminds me more of The Hollows books by Kim Harrison, with the circles and potions (he calls it alchemy, and Rachel calls it Earth Magic). Harry still talks to himself! I think I'll take a break after reading these, before starting the next 6 books. Too many at once might annoy me!