Death Masks [Jim Butcher]

Death Masks - Jim Butcher

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Death Masks4.5 stars - This is my favorite book of this series so far. Susan's back in this book, and I like her a lot more now than I did before. She has changed, although Harry's not sure if she's really changed or if he's just seeing a different side of her now. The plot was fast paced, as is standard for this series. I'm a little confused over the title, since I'm not sure why this book is called Death Masks. This series has books with titles that are related to the content of the book. Maybe I just missed it somewhere, but the reasons for the book title are often clear within the book (Fool Moon with the werewolves, for example). I think this one is my favorite book because it has nothing to do with politics, which I hate, especially supernatural politics. Harry almost dies, but that's nothing new. That happens every book, at least once.