Grave Peril [Jim Butcher]

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

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Grave Peril - 4 stars So much happened in this book. This whole series has been non-stop action. There's still world building going on, since you keep learning more about the world. This is the first book Micheal has been in. He's a Knight of the Sword. that's a new one for me, I think there are some books that have the same general idea, but I've not read them. You'd think Harry would know better than to make a deal with a fae again! the same one too! Susan fixed it, though. And messed up herself in the process. Harry kind of fixed that, but I think they're going to drift apart. I never really understood them together, so I'm not really sad about that. I liked Micheal, but I didn't really like his wife that much. She was really rude to Harry.