The Future of Our Past [Kahlen Aymes]

The Future of Our Past - Kahlen Aymes

First off, I hated that ending. Everything seemed to be going pretty good for Ryan and then drama again. You just get into the drama and the book ends. It did have a seek peak of book 2, but the ending of this one annoyed me so much that I'm not sure I'm even going to consider reading the next book.

Okay, I feel better now!

This book isn't something I'd normally read, so I'm not really surprised that I don't love this book. It was an okay love story. Too cheesy and way too much sex. There were times when it seemed like half the book was sex. I don't really think that was the case, but it seemed that way.

I also don't understand why so many men keep hitting on Julia. She's told them she has a boyfriend and isn't interested in them, but they won't leave her alone. Ryan has the same issue with a girl in one of his classes (how the hell did she make it to Harvard Medical?)