The Hunger Games [Suzanne Collins]

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

This book is both beautiful and terrifying. The whole idea behind the book is terrifying, but it was well written. I kept having to remind myself that Katniss is just 16 years old, since most of the book is the Hunger Games and she's just fighting to survive: she doesn't really seem like a teenager.

I already knew they'd both live, since I've already read the summary for the next book in the series, Catching Fire. You'd think I'd learn to not do that, but it made the book that much more interesting, since I didn't really want any of them to die. I knew that somehow they both lived and when Katniss didn't trust Peeta drove me crazy since I knew they had to work together to live. I thought that was the whole point with the hand holding and the star-crossed lovers thing. I could't really blame her for not trusting anything Peeta said, since they were going into the Hunger Games together and at least one of them had to die.

I found it hard to understand why so many people have labeled this as science fiction, since so much of it reads more like the middle ages (using fire to cook, instead of a stove for example). When they get to the capital, it becomes clear why it's science fiction (SF to me is space, aliens and other planets) when they get to the capital. It's hard not to hate the people in the capital, since they have time to spend (waste) changing their hair colors and get treatments. They all have money and the Hunger Games are for their own amusement (I doubt the people in the districts enjoy them, since they are a punishment for rebellion that happened over 70 years before.)

I would like to know what Peeta was doing while he and Katniss were separated, since we only saw him a few times until the whole you can work together thing.

I'd really like to watch the movie at some point, but it might be a while (I want to read the other books first, even if the movie is only this book!)