Playing With Fire [Gena Showalter]

Playing with Fire - Gena Showalter

At the start of this book, I didn’t really like Belle that much. That worried me some, since she’s the main character, but she finally grew on me. I’ll admit that I didn’t really like Rome all that much at first either. I liked Belle better in the end, but Rome finally started to grow on me. My favorite character had to be Tanner, for some strange reason. I was hoping he’d pop back up after he “saved” Belle from Rome and Vincent, but I wasn’t expecting him to become a major part of the team.

When we first meet Belle, she’s working at a coffee shop. She’s got an interview for a hotel after she gets off work, so it’s clear that she dislikes her job. She’s a little too flaky for me at first, she almost loses her job but her boss is a pervert and is too focused on her breasts to fire her. I don’t understand how she had a job for five years (before the string of jobs she hated and never seemed to keep) when she’s late for this job all the time! People change, I know, but it seems odd and is never really explained.

The real drama happens at her job, when a man comes in the shop claiming he’s being chased by men who want to kill him. This is how Belle ends up drinking the formula that will end up changing her life, giving her power over earth, air, fire and water. What she doesn’t know is that living through the formula is a big deal, since she’s the only one who’s taken it and lived.

Clearly she does live, since the next book in this series is also about her.

One thing I disliked about this book is that Belle isn’t really given a choice in working for PSI (a paranormal investigation agency, which Rome also works for). In the interests of not giving everything about this book away, I’m stopping here.