Happy Ever After [Nora Roberts]

Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts

So I was wrong about loving Parker's book more than Laurel's but that's okay. I'm going to miss this series, but this was a good end to it. I loved the friendship between Parker, Laurel, Mac and Emma; as well as how the two guys (Jack and Del) who were friends first were willing to add to their group when the women fell in love (Carter was really the only one added this way, since Mal was Del's friend before getting together with Parker, but still)

Spoilers for all four books!
There are some themes/trends that I noticed while listening to this series as a whole (part of that is because I've listened to them all in the last month, and 3 of them within the last week or so). Two of the couples had commitment issues (on one side - her's in one, his in the other) and the other two couples have differences in SES (socioeconomic status, class) - he's richer in one, she's richer in the other (understandable since they are brother and sister).

Parker/Malcolm (Happy Ever After) - SES/Class differences (she's richer, he's friends with the others (Del's friend first)
Laurel/Del (Savor the Moment) - she's loved him forever, SES/Class differences (he's richer)
Emma/Jack (Bed of Roses) - she's loved him forever, his commitment issues, friends with Del
Mac/Carter (Vision in White) - Commitment issues on her side, he's loved her forever