Fire [William Esmont]

Fire - William Esmont, Lynn O'Dell

This is my first zombie apocalypse book, which has to be really strange given how popular zombies have become.

I got this book free for Kindle and didn't really think that much of it until I started the Freebie challenge at RLftCI. I'm really glad this become one of my picks for that challenge because I love this book. It starts shortly before the zombie apocalypse and several of the first chapters are about different people, most of whom meet before the end of this first book. There's a time jump of 3 months, which reminded me a lot of the game Rebuild, since they are all just trying to survive - collecting supplies, saving refuges and so on.

I really liked that the characters were from all different walks of life, including a woman who works at a brothel and a Navy commander. I will be reading Air at some point (I got it free for Kindle as well) but it's not really high on the list at the moment. I want to know what happens, but it's a series so reading that book isn't the end.