Witchful Thinking [H.P. Mallory]

Witchful Thinking: A Jolie Wilkins Novel - H. P. Mallory

Really ★★★½, but the ending made up for it! I wasn't too sure about Joile being Queen, but I kind of get it now, even if she isn't any happier about her being Queen. That's really all that happened in this book, plot wise - Joile learning what it means to be Queen. See below for my relationship-related rant!

Spoilers ahead, as well as some anti-Rand ranting

I wonder if she's going to redo the whole series, since that ending requires some reworking of the series so far. I think Sinjin was lying to Joile (I hope so anyway!) but I'm worried now.

I don't get Joile, she even says something about how she doesn't understand why she keeps coming back to Rand, since he keeps kicking her, but she comes back anyway. I think he really does love her, but he doesn't really know what to do with that love and he fights it. I've never really liked him anyway, but after the last 2 books, I'm going to be really pissed if she ends up with Rand! I don't care if she does or doesn't end up with Sinjin (although I do like him) I just really don't want her to end up with Rand