An Ice Cold Grave [Charlaine Harris]

An Ice Cold Grave - Charlaine Harris

My review of all four of these can be found at Harper Connelly Mysteries Quartet

An Ice Cold Grave 5 Stars Okay, first of all, I so called it! There have been hints about Tolliver and Harper getting together, and that finally happens in this book. Harper realized she loved him as more than a brother (their step, but half raised together). Tolliver takes a chance in this book and kisses her. There were several hints that it was going to happen, that Tolliver felt the same way about Harper that she feels about him. He told one of the SBI guys that he wasn't her brother and I was sure then. I know them getting together isn't really that important, compared to the eight dead boys (9 by the end of the book, but he killed himself) but I'm really glad that I wasn't just seeing the UST in the first book!

This book was very easy to get into. I'm not sure how long it took me to read, but I could have read it all in one sitting. I didn't, since I'm to restless to do so, but I could have.

The plot for this one was more depressing than the first two books, since these were teenagers. The second book also had a child as the victim, but that was just one and this one has six missing boys, which is why Harper is called in. They are all between the ages of 14-18, which is a big age for runaways and that's assumed to be the problem at first but the new sheriff doesn't agree.

The story quickly unfolds from there, including Harper getting hurt (or course) and an unexpected twist in the story. Harper quickly finds the bodies of the missing boys, all of them have been raped and murdered. Harper wonders if there aren't two killers. Manfred shows up with his grandmother and Tolliver gets a little weird. Turns out to be jealousy, since he loves Harper and thinks that Manfred has a chance at keeping her. When Tolliver and Harper get together, he is happy to just be their friend. When the first is discovered, I wasn't that shocked since I thought something was going on there.