Shelter Mountain [Robyn Carr]

Shelter Mountain - Robyn Carr

I really hope that all these books don't have so many different plot lines. It's not that bad so far (Mel/Jack, Preacher/Paige & Liz/Rick) but as there are more and more books in the series, each with their own main couple there's going to be too many plot lines to keep up with. I tend to prefer books that have two main (or even one, depending on the type of book) POV's. I understand that the plot doesn't always work with just one or two POV's, so I'm okay with having another POV when it's needed, but I really hope that each of these books aren't going to try to keep up with all the other couples from the books that have come before them. Okay, now that that little rant is over.

I'll admit that I cried when Liz lost the baby. I knew something was wrong as soon as she said she hadn't felt the baby move in while, but I wasn't expecting the baby to be still born until Mel said she couldn't get a fetal heartbeat. Those poor kids, they were too young to have a baby but they were doing their best. Poor Mel too, being pregnant herself and having to deliver that stillborn child.

I really loved Paige and her little boy, Christopher. I don't really have that much to say about them, otherwise.