Killbox [Ann Aguirre]

Killbox - Ann Aguirre

This has got to be the worst cliffhanger of this series so far! The only things I can come up with to say are spoilers, aside from that, so I really hated March letting Jax go. I get that he's a Commander but everyone knows they were lovers, so why does it matter? She had the rank of LC, so it's not like she was ranked Ensign or something very low level.

Oddly, I think Vel having to leave bothered me even more than March ending their relationship. I've been wondering if Jax and Vel could have something (not that I really want that to happen, no matter how much March annoyed me in this one I like him and Jax together; but I also really like Vel, but I like him and Jax as friends). I'm really going to miss Vel!

I was really glad to see Loras alive. I'm hoping Doc can do something about his species' submissiveness. It was our (humans? not sure it was just them) fault, so someone should be fixing it. I think the part about objects being stolen and people being kidnapped sums up the universes view on his species very well.