Ever After [Kim Harrison]

Ever After - Kim Harrison

I started this book believing it to be the final book in the series (not sure where I got the idea, but there it is) Now I'm not so sure. It seems open ended. Maybe it was meant to be the final book and when she got done writing it, it wasn't? I'm really hoping it's not. I thought I would be okay with this one being the last book, but it doesn't seem like it and I'm not okay!

Okay, now that the mini-rant is out of the way I can write the real review. I had a love-hate relationship with this book. I really liked some things and really didn't like others. I'm not going to get into a lot of detail with either one, since I'm trying not to spoil things for people who haven't read the book.

I was expecting Trent and Rachel to work together more. I see why that didn't work out (and they did work together some, but it wasn't enough) but I was hoping. I was also hoping they'd get together or at least talk about the chance. This kind of happened, not really in the way I was hoping the end of the book had them both saying that it wouldn't work out and I think they were trying to convince themselves as well as the other. I understand Rachel's fear, but Trent can handle himself That's one reason why I'm hoping this isn't the last book.

I liked the major focus of the Ever After for this book. It's not surprising that that's the main focus, given the name of the book. This book shows us how demons use to be and what the Ever After use to look like. I never really thought about the Ever After before this book. It was there and I just never really thought about it beyond that.

I really liked seeing Rachel, Al and Trent working together at the end of the book. Al really is a sneaky demon, sometimes.