Fearless [Diana Palmer]

Fearless - Diana Palmer

I was not expecting to hate the hero of this book, even after reading some of the reviews for it. There were parts that I almost liked him, but most of the time he was a complete ass to Glory. I loved Glory, though!

It would have made a lot more sense for this book to be called Heartless, while Jason and Grace's book was called Fearless. Heartless is a good thing to call Rodrigo Ramirez. Tormented heroes are one thing, heroes that act like complete assholes to their heroine are another thing altogether.

I really wanted to like Rodrigo, since this is a romance novel, but I just couldn't. It's like he didn't want to like her, but he did anyway so he was acting like he hated her. I've got to stop before this becomes a rant!

The three stars is for Glory and the plot. Rodrigo gets negative stars!