Temptation Ridge - Robyn Carr This book lost a star because of the whole "jail bait" thing. I get that she looks closer to 18 than 25, but if it bothered him that much he should have not tried anything with her.

I'm really starting to hate the many different POVs in this series. I'm okay with multiple POVs if they are needed for the plot, but each POV is about it's own couple (Shelby & Luke, Walt & Muriel, Jack & Mel, Cam & Abby + other POVs) It's getting to be too much. I see why some of it was really needed (Mel's POV for Doc), but it's getting out of hand. I like books that have either one POV or 2 (one for each of the people in a couple - you can tell I read romances a lot!). I felt like I didn't really know Luke or Shelby all that well and this is their book!