The Unseen [Heather Graham]

The Unseen - Heather Graham

It's a little weird to read a Krewe of Hunters book and it not be Jackson's group. I'd wondered about the name change (of the books). Jackson's group all have books with "Evil" in the title and this group (Logan's) has "The Un(something)" as the title. I'm not sure about the next group, since The Night Is Watching| isn't out yet (although after searching for that one, The Night Is Alive is also on goodreads, so the theme is "The Night is . . ")

I'm kind of glad that this series is set up the way it is, since I don't think I'd like reading about the same group of people for this many books. that sounds bad, but each book is part love story, part mystery (I like the one's that are more the latter and a little less the former, although I do like a good romance novel), so I wasn't really sure what HG was going to do when everyone was paired up (although we are missing one of Jackson's krewe, since only Jackson and Angela got together within the group and there were only four books).

It was also kind of odd to really read one of these, since I listened to the first four as audiobooks.

The romance in this one was a little understated (not really a bad thing, but some would disagree). I really liked how calm they both were about the whole "I see ghosts" thing. I remember some of the reactions from the other group and they aren't always pretty. I guess you can't cast stones if you can see ghosts too!

I really loved reading about Texas and it's history. I don't know all that much about US history in general (aside from the stuff they make you learn in high school, since US history isn't really my thing). I know this is a fiction book, so some of the history must be taken with a grain of salt (artistic license and all).

The killer wasn't someone I was expecting, so that was a nice change (I try not to guess, but some mystery books are to easy).