Unholy Ghosts [Stacia Kane]

Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane

The first half of this book seemed really slow to me, I felt a little lost for part of it. The last half of the book went by quickly, since I had finally gotten use to the world this book is set in.

The world isn't really all that different from the our's, but is very different in some ways. The governments of the world have fallen and all the old religions are seen as fake, worthless. They only religion left is the Church of Real Truth and the name of the place makes me think they are lying. The Church has banned knowledge of a lot of different things: parts of history, some magic, most runes and likely other things that either aren't in this book or I can't remember right now.

I really liked Chess, but her pill addiction got annoying really fast. I get that it was really important to the plot, but it seemed like all she did was pop pills. It took me a while to figure out why she never seemed to sleep. She doesn't have to, with all the pills she uses.