Deeply Odd [Dean Koontz]

Deeply Odd  - Dean Koontz

This one seemed more paranormal than the other books in this series before it. That seems like an odd (no pun meant!) thing to say about a series who's hero sees ghosts and has something like ESP, but there it is. Different worlds, demons and spells are in this book. Maybe I'm remembering the other books wrong and they all have stuff similar in them, but I don't think so.

I hate to admit it, but that's what I was focused on for a lot of this book. Well that and the next book being the last one (I'd thought it would be, given the title of Saint Odd|but I thought that about Odd Apocalypse too).

Despite my distraction, this book is up to standard (and creepy enough to be a Dean Koontz book), even though the last half of the book seemed to take me longer than it should have. Not the books fault, since there is painting and cleaning going on here and that makes it hard to focus at times.


Edit: Saint Odd is going to be the seventh and final book in the Odd Thomas series.