The Brazen Bride [Stephanie Laurens]

The Brazen Bride (Black Cobra Quartet) - Stephanie Laurens

Note: This is just the notes I wrote while listening to this book, there will be spoilers and some of them make no sense at all, sorry about that :) I'm planning on fixing this mess into a nice review, but I don't think it will really happen.

He thinks she's an angel and she's calling him a fallen angel. I kind of like that she's not a virgin! This is a historical novel, so a non virgin heroine who as never been married is kind of rare (not completely unheard of, but rare enough).

He's asleep and they're having sex, he's dreaming or something. I find it a little odd! Even a little creepy.

Yeah, I really hate someone not remembering things! Some things are okay, but Logan doesn't even remember his last name. I expected it, given his POV the first time he woke up, but I'd hoped he was just confused.

Could he only have remembered some of his life but not all of them?

I hadn't expected him to be a bastard son, which is odd because it's not like I've never read a book with a bastard son as a hero (Wick from Storming the Castle comes to mind).

This book is more erotica and less romance, I'm no were near done, but still.

You don't learn that much about her, at least in the last half of the book. The only thing I really know about her is that she's use to being in charge. She spends a lot of time thinking about letting him go (since she knows he can't stay with them) but she's involved with him anyway. It makes her seem a little foolish.

There's a lot of sex in this book, more that I've read in a long time, even in an erotica novel (which I find kind of funny since those tend to be a lot shorter than this book and they are very focused on sex).

I kind of love that she assumes he's going to realize she's not marriage material and he thinks she's not going to be happy when she finds out he's a bastard.

I'd wondered if Daniel and Alex are lovers: my dear, their bedroom. They are, after reading the one where Alex tells Daniel to take off his clothes "With pleasure". I'd thought it was just my perverted mind!