Born of Silence [Sherrilyn Kenyon]

Born of Silence - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I've had this book for a while and I just keep putting it off. This is Darling's book and he's been gay in all the other books, but he ends up with a woman. I came very close to not reading this book because of that. Sherrilyn Kenyon told us (her fans) to trust her on this and I'm glad I did. I hate when char change their sexual preference (although I can only think of one book were that's happened) and that's why I came so close to not reading this book, no matter how much I love the series as a whole.

There are a lot of things I want to say about this book, about the things that happened that I really wasn't expecting but I've promised myself that I'm going to avoid spoilers! One thing early on in the book that I wasn't expecting was that Darling and Zarya were already together at the start of the book and had been for a while. That really threw me off. I knew something was going to have to go wrong and it would be something bad (I tend to not read the summaries of books in series that are on my "auto-buy" and this series is one of those).

Now I'm really excited for Maris' book, Cloak & Silence!