Mrs. Beast [Pamela Ditchoff]

Mrs. Beast: A Novel - Pamela Ditchoff

This book is all about "Happy" Ever After and the realization that what you thought you wanted wasn't really all you thought it would be. Maybe that's too deep for this book, but that's what I got out of it.

Beauty loved the Beast as he was and didn't like him at all as a prince. She goes on a quest (something men only do in fairy tale land!) to find the witch that made him a beast and beg the woman to change him back into a beast. I could have done without the image of Beauty and the Beast having sex while he was still a beast, since it completely ruined the Disney version of their story for me forever.

While on her quest, Beauty meets Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. None of them have gotten their own fairy tale endings either, although at least Snow White is okay with her lot in life. Rapunzel, too, seems content. Both have left their princes. Sleeping Beauty didn't make a really impression on me in this book. I remember her talking about the spinning wheel and that's all I really remember about her. She'd also left her prince. Cinderella is the only one still with her prince, but not all is happy within Charming Palace. Cinderella is a grandmother, but makes herself look young because she hates looking old.

The book ends with the birth of Beauty's child, after she makes it to the enchantress' home.