Unspoken [Kerrigan Byrne]

Unspoken (Highland Historical, #1) - Kerrigan Byrne

A little too short to really get into, but I liked the setting and liked both Roderick and Evelyn. I'd hoped to get Roderick's POV sooner than we did, since I really wanted to know what he was thinking at the tavern and when they had sex. Unspoken was a good title for this book, since Roderick can't speak.

This is the first book of the Highland Historical series, which was (I think) meant to be a trilogy, but is now divided into two sub-series: The MacLauchlans & The MacKays. This is the first book of the The MacLauchlans subseries and I'm going to treat them as two different series.

I just checked the kindle store and Released is currently free. Not sure how long that's going to last, but that means I've gotten all of the books in this series free.