The Cordello Quest [Joanna Gawn]

The Cordello Quest (Lazuli Portals #1) - Joanna Gawn

I got this book for free via Making Connections, so I could read and review it

This book was well written, although it isn't something I would normally read (given it's focus on spiritually, something I know little about). I really enjoyed the part where Keira and her group were in the tunnels and solving puzzles to get them to the next area. The first part of the book seemed really slow, while the second part picked up a lot.

One issue I had was jokes that were told in Cordello that were based on our culture. One of the earlest examples is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (brought on by a rainbow, not a pot of gold). I can't see another world, with a culture so different from our own having simlair stories about pots of gold. That messed up the other world aspect of the book for me. It's a very simple thing really, but it bothered me every time a joke was brought in that was culture focused.

I was kind of surprised that Jason didn't play a bigger role in this book. I thought at first that they'd both go to the other world and help out. Jason stays in our world, while Keira ends up in the other world. I guess I missunderstood somehow.

In a lot of ways, this book would work well as a stand alone novel (other books are being planned and I think the second one is being written now). The suggestion of other stories waiting to be told doesn't come up until the end of the book, after all the drama is over and Keira is going home. I'm not sure about reading the other books, but that mostly depends on who the other books are going to be about. Are they still Keira or are they each about a new person? I'm hoping Keira, since I already know her.