Source One [Allyson Simonian]

Source One - Allyson Simonian

I liked both of them (although I didn't really feel that much of a connection to either one, since this is a novella and just too short for that), but Brian came off as a bit of an ass at first. I understand that he didn't want Amber to think he was interested in flirting with her, but all she did was smile at him. A smile doesn't mean that she's going to flirt with him! She smiled at him and he scowled at her. I think it bothered me even more that he knew he was being an ass and kept acting that way!

It was kind of funny that Amber didn't know about Brian's deceased wife until she'd worked there for a while and Brian didn't know that Amber's mom was even sick. The villain was a little too obvious, well, one of them was the other was a bit of a surprise.