Review: Looking Out for Lexy by Kristine Dalton

Looking Out for Lexy - Kristine Dalton

I have noticed that not reading the summary of a book right before reading it could be a good thing. I wasn't really sure what was going on in this book at first. It's a second chance romance that jumps around a little timeline wise - it started 18 years before then goes to now and goes back and forth like that for most of the book. I figured out pretty fast that Ryan (Lexy's teenage son) is also Jack's son and that was why she married Tom. I thought it was a little weird that she married the guy that beat up her lover/boyfriend. Her being pregnant explains why she married so fast.

I didn't really like Jack all that much, really. I didn't hate him but he acted like an ass instead of asking Lexy why she'd married Tom. I didn't really like Lexy that much either, but we spend most of our time in her head so that's why I took her side over Jack. They'd both been hurt but other people's schemes. There were some people trying to keep them apart (both in the past - her parents and the present - a woman that Jack works with).