The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter [Review]

The Darkest Touch - Gena Showalter

I've been waiting/hoping for Torin's book for a while and The Darkest Touch doesn't disappoint!  I loved Keeleyceal from the start:  we first met her when she's threatening Torin and I'll admit to having a huge girl-crush on her from the start.  Maybe I would have hated her if I hadn't known that the two of them would get together (I've always liked Torin) but they some how work out so well together.  The attraction on both sides is instant but Keeley fights it at first since she kind of wants to kill him (understandably, really) but she realizes that it wasn't just his fault that her friend, Mari, was dead.  

I'm still a little confused about the whole Red Queen thing.  Queen I get, I even understand what she is but why is she the Red Queen?  Is it explained and I missed it?  That's possible.  Maybe she could have easily been the Blue Queen, meaning the color didn't matter.  She calls Torin a fetus at one point, after he tells her that he's three thousand years old.  She never says how old she is, but if she's calling three thousand a fetus I'm not sure I want to know.  She is a little unhinged, not really crazy but her first response is often violence when none is really needed.  Keeley and Anya don't get along all that well, understandably, but Anya really annoyed me in this one when she's normally one of my favorites.  

Torin acted like a fool several times, I actually wanted Keeley to tell him fine and leave.  I did want them to end up together, but he was hurting Keeley when he didn't have to.  Spoiler ahead.  They are able to touch without her getting sick.  Hades tells them how, but it's something that's so simple I wonder how hard Torin is kicking himself for not figuring it out sooner.