My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick [Review]

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I tend to not read young adult novels (do I say/write that as much as I think I do?) but this one really drew me in.  It took a while to get into, but that's due to it being an audio book and not the book itself.  I kept expecting Sam to do something really dumb and completely embarrassing in front of Jase but she never did even if she came off as awkward sometimes (at least in her own mind). I really loved the Garrett family and the romance between Sam and Jase was somehow both simple and messy.  They just kind of fell together in some ways and were completely adorable together.  Most of this book was light hearted, but the drama when it really happens was huge.  It could have ruined Sam and Jase's relationship, but it doesn't somehow.  I really loved that it was Tim that got Sam to see sense, but it was a hard choice to make.  When I realized this book has a sequel (The Boy Most Likely To due out June 2015) I didn't care all that much since I didn't like Tim that much at the point I was in this book.  He redeems himself and I'm now really looking forward to Tim and Alice's book.