Seventh Grave and No Body [Darynda Jones]

Seventh Grave and No Body - Darynda Jones

I expected them to be stuck in one place in this book. From the end of this on, I think I got this one and E#8 confused. No idea how that happened.


Charley is as funny as ever but there are times when she's joking around and I really wish she wouldn't. It's meant to be a serious moment, but it doesn't seem like it due to Charley's jokes. She isn't always making jokes, but it can get annoying at times.


That said, I love Charley and her humor and this book is (like the others in this series) laugh out loud funny while managing to be serious (sometimes, at least) at the same time. I don't have a lot to say, since I can't really think of anything at isn't a spoiler, so I'm stopping here.