Heroes Are My Weakness [Susan Elizabeth Phillips]

Heroes Are My Weakness: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The puppets were, at first, really confusing.  I loved them all a little by the end, but I was really worried about the voices she was hearing at first.  They're explained really fast, but it was a little off-putting at first. 


This book lost a half star because of Annie calling Theo a psychopath close to the start.  That doesn't seem very fair, but it took me a while to warm up to him becasue of that.  I understand why she called him that, but his reasons were explained.  Good ones, so he's mostly off the hook.  


This one is, in some way, a second chance romance.  They'd fooled around as teens, but I'm not sure they ever really dated.  It doesn't come off as a second chance romance, which is strange since they have a history.  


Aside from the romance, there are several other plot lines within this book: why doesn't Livia talk, who's trying to force Annie to leave the island and what really happened to Theo's twin sister.  There is also the mystery of what Annie's mother left at the cottage that would be considered a legacy. I hadn't realized so much was going on at once!  Too many plotlines tend to get confusing, but all of them are interconnected though Annie.