Reading progress update: I've read 54%.

Homicide in High Heels - Gemma Halliday

I told myself after reading the last one of these, Danger In High Heels, I wouldn't read another one.  At the time, I assumed that Danger was the last book in the series. Clearly, I was wrong and clearly I lied to myself..  I didn't hate Danger, it's just that Maddie annoys me more often then not.  I didn't mind her solving cases before she got pregnant, but there was something very wrong with the image of a clearly pregnant Maddie solving a murder.  If she never got in trouble (with trouble meaning having a gun pointed at her) it wouldn't have mattered, but I was really worried about the baby in the last book.  I foolishly assumed that after having the babies (yeah, twins) that Maddie would leave the murder solving to her husband, since he's the homicide cop.  


I think my big issue with Maddie is how girly she is.  That sounds bad, but I'm very not girly, so I have trouble caring about some of the things she cares about - shoes, manicures, pedicures etc. I have trouble relating to her, which isn't really fair since I should also have trouble with the other heroines I read books about since I'm not a half Fae (Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon series) nor am I decentant of a God (Elisabeth Naughton's Eternal Guardians).  I'm sure I could list for days, but it is kind of odd that I can't relate to Maddie since she's so girly but I have no issue with the paranormal books.  I also kind of dislike Betsy from MaryJanice Davidson's Undead series sometimes for the same reasons (I get that you love shoes, Betsy, stop talking about them!).  If I really hated them I wouldn't read the books, but they do both annoy me in much the same way.  I'm thinking about this too much.