Reading progress update: I've read 22%.

The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison

Reading this, the final book in the series, is bittersweet.  I've got so many series to keep track of that having one finish is good, but I'm going to miss Rachel, Ivy & Jenks along with everyone else.  


This one focuses a lot on the undead vampires, Rachel's run out of time to figure out how to give them their souls back (assuming it can be done at all).  She's had a year and the undead have gotten impatient.  I really think she'll manage.  She's had a eruka moment already, but that's just an idea so far.  I mostly think she'll manage, somehow, because this is the final book and I can't see Harrison leaving poor Ivy with souless undeath hanging over her head and I just have faith in Rachel.  She is good at doing the impossible.