Love At First Date [Susan Hatler]

Love At First Date - Susan Hatler

I read the second one of these, Truth or Date, last year.  I'm not sure why I read that one and not this one.  I think it was for a freebie read challenge and I didn't have this one at the time.  Maybe.


Elle works at the same office that Gina works at.  I'm not sure how the other books tie together, but the first three feature women that work at this software company: Elle, Gina and Rachel. 


I'll admit that I expected both of her possible online date guys to be lying about something - like they are really married or their picture was a complete lie.  I was kind of right - the first guy, Craig, didn't lie but he has a list of things that he wants in a woman and Elle gets an 86%.  No woman is going to find that attractive!  The second guy, Geroff, lied about his picture. It really is him, but he touched it up some.  He even told her that there was no way he could really get a woman like him to go out with him.  Confidence is attractive, honey.  Try it sometime.  


I think that might have just been the author's way of getting rid of them.  I did find it funny that everyone kept telling Elle "you don't even like dogs".  I can't really blame her given the way the brat dog treated her shoes.


This book was fun.  I don't really have much else to say really.