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Cobweb Empire - Vera Nazarian

(Some spoilers for this book)

I feel a little strange saying this, but I think there's something between the black knight and Percy.  They haven't done anything even remotely romantic but Percy's had a few moments were she gets a little sidetracked by him - his laugh made her shiver, for one.  We've seen Beltain have a moment too (he wasn't willing to let her go after he warmed her up after another experience with the undead), although he went really cold to her after.  I thought I was just reading too much into it when it was just Percy's POV (she is a teenage girl after all), but he's had a moment too and now I'm wondering . . . Not that I really expect them to end up together somehow but I'm wondering anyway.  


Still loving this book as much, if not more, then the first.  I already know who the main characters are, although we do have a few more in this book but that isn't the same as world building + all those new people.  Out of all of them, I'm the most interested in Percy and I almost wish that we didn't know about the whole war thing from other people's POVs (it would have been nice to be surprised like Percy and her group were.