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Cobweb Empire - Vera Nazarian

Spoiler Notice really for the first book, so if you've read it it's okay


This one starts right after Cobweb Bride ends, with Percy having just "killed" her grandmother.  Her father's grateful (Gran had been suffering unable to die) but her mother is furious.  there doesn't seem to be any love lost between Percy and her mother (her mother's kind of cold to her in the first book too).  I'd expected this book to focus more on Percy that anyone else, but there's still quite a few POV changes.  I had, I'm ashamed to say, completely forgotten about Ignacia and her whole I'm really a spy for the Domain thing. It got a little lost in the whole Percy is Death's Champion and is going to go search for the Cobweb Bride. A fun read so far, much like the first one.