A Little Something Different [Sandy Hill]

A Little Something Different - Sandy   Hall

This book was really cute, but Lea and Gabe were about to drive me crazy.  I felt like one of the people in their lives that was just waiting for them to get their acts together.  I loved the squirrel's POV.  I tend to hate having a lot of POVs in one book, but it works really well for this one, since they don't overlap any and it was very different to see their relationship unfold from some many people's views.

Honestly, I think both Lea and Gabe were a little stupid at some point.  He did almost wait too long to really make a move, but the real issue (I think) was that he stopped talking to her for a while and she thought he'd given up on her or that she'd read the signals wrong. She thought he was ignoring her at some points in the book because he didn't answer her when she talked, but I think that was just because he could't hear out of that ear (I thought he was ignoring her too, to be fair) but that could have been avoided if he'd told her. I understand not wanting to talk about it but how hard would it have been to say that he can't hear out of one of his ears!  Lea overreacted to Gabe having lunch with Hillary, although I do understand since we know his reasons but she didn't.

There were a lot of misunderstandings that could have been avoided if they'd just talked to each other, but that was the point I think.  If Gabe had been less shy or Lea more willing to be blunt (just ask him already!) this would have been a very different book.  I liked it overall, but they were driving me a little crazy.