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Cobweb Bride - Vera Nazarian

This has started out darker then I really expected it to. I did expect it to be dark, since no one can die until Death finds his Cobweb Bride, but I hadn't expected it to jump right in.  I expected a day or so of learning about the people in it before Death showed up, but Death shows up with in the first chapter. Would it be fair to call Death a man in this one?  After all Death wants his Cobweb Bride.


The world is interesting so far, but there are so many people I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep them straight in my head.  I expected Percy to play a large part from the start but she's only been in the book twice so far. There seem to be four main plotlines - the dying Queen Andrelise, the new Grand Princess Claere Liguon, Percy and the two warring Dukes (Harfrost & Vitalio Goraque).


I thought they were each for the four different lands, but Percy and the Queen are both from Lethe.  Not sure about the others. It's a little confusing at the moment, so many people introduced in such a small span of time.I do like it so far, though.